Customer District DORRENHAUS Loyal

We have a professional services business in a "store front" setting with numerous commercial grade, heavy solid core doors. Employees are always forgetting to close doors between employee and client areas, and just as bad, manually closing the doors would result in loud and startling slams no matter how gently you tried to close them. Rather than letting our contractor pick the cheapest option, we bought a couple of different door closer models, including this Dorrenhaus Heavy Duty Designer model D8016. Extremely pleased. Instructions were clear and straightforward such that I was able to install myself rather than have our contractor do it. We put the Dorrenhaus closer on our most highly trafficked door and a few weeks in, it's still performing flawlessly. A competing, cheaper door closer is already squeaking. The Dorrenhaus closers are quiet, strong, and the latch adjustment has completely eliminated the slam such that the only sound heard when closing is the lock latch itself.

We will be using Dorrenhaus on all our doors now and will probably also replace the other brands because they're just not performing. Dorrenhaus hardware is also quick to respond with questions - reached out to them on their website and they actually responded! I was looking for hold-open functionality, which they do have through an arm replacement. I couldn't find here on Amazon, but was able to order by contacting Dorrenhaus through their website. Haven't tried the arm yet, but will update this review after I've tried it. Highly recommend his closer!

This door closer works perfectly for me. Lots of different installation options and lots of configurations. The hardest part of the installation was deciding which way I wanted to install this (top jamb right hand door). Once that was done the only small issue I had was that there was trim around the door frame, where the closer body was to go, and that trim was not flat. After resolving the trim issue, the installation, using the template, was quick and easy. Adjustment was just as easy and allows adjusting the force it takes to open the door (spring) and the two closing speeds (sweep and latch). Door is closing just as I want it now. No more wind blowing it open because it wasn't closed completely and no more slamming.

Item was easy to install once pilot holes werr in. Includes sturdy screws. Works great with business front door. The door had an air curtain and would always run because the door wouldn’t fully close, thus wasting electricity. Now the door fully closes and the air curtain turns off completely.

Looks stylish and has a lot of force! Perfect for any residential front door with brass hardware! My only critique is that the directions might be a bit tricky to follow for someone who's not very handy. I had it installed in about 10 minutes though.